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2016 Annual Meeting - Click Here for the 2016 Annual Meeting Pdf

Welcome to Elevators of America

The Elevator Contractors of America (ECA) values our members and the service they provide to the public. Our board, staff and volunteers embrace fairness, innovation, and integrity and work to advance ECA’s mission.

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to the good of the signatory independent elevator industry, ECA is accountable to its members, transparent in its operations, responsible in its stewardship of resources, and committed to excellence.

This Code of Ethics applies to ECA’s board of directors, staff and volunteers. The board of directors is elected by the ECA membership. Staff members include those who are employed by the association on a full-time, part-time, permanent, temporary, or contract basis.

Volunteers include the elected members of Committees, and any individual appointed to serve on an ECA committee, task force, or working group on behalf of the elevator industry.

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2016 Annual Meeting

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