ECA Member Services

ECA will act as a contract administrator for its members. Highlights of member services include:

  •    Investigation of labor issues
  •    Jurisdictional dispute representation
  •    MLRB Unfair Labor charges (up to issuance of complaint)
  •    Regular updates on labor issues
  •    Assistance with preparation of correspondence with union, employees and press involving NLRB cases and grievances
  •    Investigation of work place complaints involving IUEC represented employees
  •    Legal research regarding work place complaints
  •    General advice regarding interpretation of the Standard Agreement
  •    Negotiation of local expense agreements where the IEUC requests to open the agreement
  •    Safety Program
  •    Employee Handbook

Services not included are actual litigation and arbitration.

Additional Benefits

  • 10 Hour OSHA Certification in cooperation with IUEC/WPF
  • QEI certification at reduced cost ($800 at this time) in cooperation with IUEC/WPF
  • Educational programs at the ECA Annual Meeting



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