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Membership Costs

The fee for membership is $.05 per hour worked for each field employee.  This fee will be collected in accordance with our collective bargaining agreement and paid into an Industry Fund Trust.  Contributions are forwarded monthly with the NEI Benefit Plans contribution.  This fee is approximately $90.00/year per field employee, a true bargain compared to the cost of self-representation

At a future date to be determined, there will be an initiation fee of $35/bargaining unit employee for each company.

Membership enrollment excludes pre-existing conditions.

Contributions to the Industry Fund are made monthly with your NEI Pension and Welfare contributions under a separate category.

ECA Member Services

ECA will act as a contract administrator for its members. Highlights of member services include:

  •    Investigation of labor issues
  •    Jurisdictional dispute representation
  •    MLRB Unfair Labor charges (up to issuance of complaint)
  •    Regular updates on labor issues
  •    Assistance with preparation of correspondence with union, employees and press involving NLRB cases and grievances
  •    Investigation of work place complaints involving IUEC represented employees
  •    Legal research regarding work place complaints
  •    General advice regarding interpretation of the Standard Agreement
  •    Negotiation of local expense agreements where the IEUC requests to open the agreement

Services not included are actual litigation and arbitration.

Additional Benefits

  • 10 Hour OSHA Certification in cooperation with IUEC/WPF
  • QEI certification at reduced cost ($800 at this time) in cooperation with IUEC/WPF
  • Educational programs at the ECA Annual Meeting

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