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Code of Ethics for Elevator Contractors of America

The Elevator Contractors of America (ECA) values our members and the service they provide to the public. Our board, staff and volunteers embrace fairness, innovation, and integrity and work to advance ECA’s mission. As a nonprofit organization dedicated to the good of the signatory independent elevator industry, ECA is accountable to its members, transparent in its operations, responsible in its stewardship of resources, and committed to excellence.

This Code of Ethics applies to ECA’s board of directors, staff and volunteers. The board of directors is elected by the ECA membership. Staff members include those who are employed by the association on a full-time, part-time, permanent, temporary, or contract basis. Volunteers include the elected members of Committees, and any individual appointed to serve on an ECA committee, task force, or working group on behalf of the elevator industry. ECA is actively committed to informing board, staff, and volunteers about the code of ethics and its application; evaluating the code regularly, and creating policies and procedures that reflect its values.


ECA’s mission, as approved by its board of directors, is to foster and promote the elevator industry by obtaining uniformity, harmony and certainty in the relationships between employers and employees by:

  • Promoting the fulfillment of collective bargaining agreements entered into with labor organizations;
  • Preventing strikes, labor disputes and industrial strife and, when necessary, promoting the settlement of labor disputes;
  • Assisting in administration of grievance and arbitration procedures set forth in collective bargaining agreements;
  • Conducting investigations in the interest of promoting industrial harmony and the settlement of labor disputes;
  • Cooperating with other organizations in matters of common interest and for proper promotional purposes.

Legal Compliance
ECA’s board, staff and volunteers comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and the ECA/IUEC Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Personal and Professional Conduct
In their dealings as representatives of the association, ECA’s staff, board, and volunteers act professionally with the utmost honesty, integrity, and openness. They treat each other and ECA’s members fairly and with respect. Personal conduct and business dealings will be beyond reproach at all times. Staff, board members, and volunteers are responsible for being aware of and complying with ECA’s policies that address their conduct.

Conflict of Interest
ECA’s staff, board members, and volunteers act in the best interest of the association rather than in furtherance of personal or business interests or the interests of third parties, such as friends and family. Decisions about the association and the use or disposition of its assets are made solely in terms of the benefits to ECA and are neither influenced nor appear to be influenced, by any private profit, personal gain, or outside benefit for staff, board members, and volunteers; their friends and family members; or the organizations with which they may be affiliated.

Board of Directors
ECA has an active board of directors that sets the association’s mission, strategic direction, and policies; and has oversight of its finances and operations. The board ensures that its members and the staff act for the benefit of ECA and its industry purpose with integrity and honesty; that ECA’s resources are responsibly and prudently managed; and that ECA has the capacity to carry out its responsibilities effectively.

All staff members are responsible for understanding the duties of their positions and executing those duties to the best of their abilities. The association promotes a working environment that values respect, fairness, and integrity.

ECA’s volunteers are in direct contact with ECA members and often are the face of ECA to the membership. When acting on behalf of ECA, volunteers understand their duties and execute them to the best of their abilities. They convey the mission and goals of ECA, and as its representatives, refrain from promoting their business interests over the association’s interests.

ECA responds to the needs of its members and is committed to improving its organizational effectiveness, programs, and services.  It strives to provide its members with information that is accurate, clear, and informed.

Fiscal Responsibility
ECA manages its funds responsibly and prudently by:

  • Ensuring that all spending practices and policies are fair, reasonable, and appropriate to fulfill its mission;
  • Generating financial reports and annual independent audits that are accurate, complete, and accessible in all material respects.

ECA provides information about the association and responds in a timely manner to reasonable requests for information.  Basic data about ECA’s operations will be maintained on a timely basis on ECA’s web site.

ECA’s staff, board, and volunteers may have access to confidential and privileged information about the association, its members, and the International Union of Elevator Constructors. Loyalty to the association and to ECA’s members requires that individuals with access to such information comply with privacy and confidentiality policies and treat all information responsibly and appropriately.

Use of this Code of Ethics
The Code of Ethics of the Elevator Contractors of America is a living document, designed to be disseminated, used, and updated. The ECA’s Board of Directors will regularly review the code and ensure its dissemination. This code of ethics will be posted on the ECA web site and will be updated on that site whenever this policy is modified.

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